Welcome to our gallery of vintage jewelry ads.  We will keep listing more as we as we acquire them for your enjoyment and reference.  Special thanks to Rosie Dyer for sharing her wonderful collection of vintage jewelry ads with us!

All vintage costume jewelry ads are clickable so you can see a larger view.


Trifari Butterflies

1944 Trifari Jewelry

Trifari crowns

1946 Trifari Crowns

Trifari Christmas Jewelry

1949  Trifari Jewelry


1949 Trifari Jewelry

mothers day jewelry

1950 Mothers Day


Christmas and Holiday Jewerly by Trifari

1953 Christmas



Trifari Naiad 1958


Trifari 1958



1956 Trifari

rhinestone pins and brooches
1959 - Trifari



1961 Trifari Jewelry

Trifari  Jewelry 1961



Trifari 1963


Trifari 1963
"L'Aigion" Jewels


Trifari 1963


Trifari 1964


Trifari 1964


Trifari 1964
Bird of Fashion


Trifari Mosaics 1966




Trifari 1968



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